The Tyler Hamilton Foundation is dedicated to promoting health and personal empowerment through cycling

The Tyler Hamilton Foundation is about demonstrating that cycling can heal and cyclists can help. We believe in

the healing powers of the bike. In 2007 THF will focus its energy on providing programs versus fundraising for other organizations. THF’s community is a community that needs to be healed due to chronic illnesses like multiple sclerosis.

In 2007, the THF will focus on the following mission related programs and activities:

Pedal Partner Program

Twenty individuals with multiple sclerosis or other disabling chronic diseases will be chosen to participate in this exciting program. Through the program, each individual will:

1) Be partnered with a THF Ride Leader or Participating cyclist to communicate with through out the 4 month period of time and hopefully for a lifetime

2) Be provided with a training program that will help prepare them to ride a bike

3) Be presented with a bike in October at the Rocky Mountain Celebration. The bike could be a handcycle, a trike, a cruiser or a THF Parlee. It will depend on the needs of the individual.

Through the multi-faceted Pedal Partner Program, THF will increase public awareness of chronic diseases by the one on one communication between partners; provide opportunities and resources to the Pedal Partners to help them maintain and increase physical health through cycling and empower other individuals to seek out similar activities.

Strength Ride

As part of the Pedal Partner Program, there will be two Strength Rides in Boulder Colorado, in June and in October. In June, the 20 Pedal Partners will participate in the Strength Ride with the assistance of others, on tandems or by their side.

In October, the Pedal Partners will be presented with their own bike and will participate in the Strength Ride with no direct assistance, but by their own power.

It will take Strength by all involved to participate. The strength to train and work towards a goal. The Strength to push an individual on a handcycle up a hill. The Strength to carry an individual on a tandem. And the strength to live day to day with devastating diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy, etc.

MS Global

The goals and objectives for the 2007 MS Global are:

1. Fund MS Research through the MS International Federation

2. Increase public awareness about the global impact of MS & MSIF

3. Increase public awareness and education about the impact of the MSIF

4. Increase public awareness and education about the power of the bike and THF

5. Provide opportunities for individuals with MS to gain independence and hope by riding a bicycle during MS Global and through other THF opportunities

THF believes that cycling can heal and cyclists can help

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