Jimmy Dunlap

Sometimes MS is thought of as a subtle disease of numbness, clumsiness, fatigue, mild confusion, and nothing more. Sometimes that’s all it is. However, for most of us with MS, the physical, emotional, and other multitudes of problems associated with this disease can be overwhelming. To put it bluntly, MS is anything but subtle. There is no “standard” course in the disease of MS. For each person who suffers with MS, every day is different and the symptoms are different. There are days I walk with a cane or I’m housebound. There are often days I feel almost normal and run or ride. There’s an ebb and flow of symptoms and their severity. The scary part is feeling the constant erosion of balance, strength, and coordination.

However, the affects are much deeper than just physical. There’s a randomness of daily living that goes beyond the basic physical destruction of a human body. MS damages relationships, finances, and the ability to plan for the future with surety.

There is hope to live a life of courage, laughter, and serenity. Because of my MS, I have learned much about acceptance and living one day at a time. If a cure could be found so others don’t have to struggle with the things that I, and the millions of others before me have, the mission of the THF would be complete. That’s still in the future. For right now, “There is no finish line until that happens”.

It’s not just MS that brings challenges in life. I have a huge amount of respect for Tyler and Haven and how they’ve handled the last couple of years. What they’ve shown me and the world is class, courage, and dignity. It’s an example I aspire to follow. My participation in MS Global is a small way to show my admiration and respect for them both. This is my way to says thanks for all of us whom they’ve so generously given their time and energy.

The THF Global Ride is also my way to say, “I have MS, it stinks, but it doesn’t define me.” I’m a bike racer and an athlete. I cherish the challenge of completing THF Global and the challenge of what it’ll take to get there. I’ll ride a little slower but with determination to show by my actions that I may have MS, but I’m still living determinedly and embracing life!”

Join me in the journey through this year to reach a resting place at the end of the ride, but not yet a finish line in the fight against MS!

Thank you, Namaste, and……..Believe! Jimmy D

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