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MS GLOBAL 2007: September 5 - 12, 2007

In the Fall of 2002, Tyler Hamilton conceived of MS Global. It was clear to Tyler that multiple sclerosis was a global disease and it was going to take a global effort to cure it. Tyler wanted to unite cyclists from around the world in an effort to not only raise funds for international MS research but to increase public awareness worldwide about the devastating effects of this disease. Through Tyler's efforts, MS Global was born.

Over the course of the last 4 years, cyclists from 11 countries have gathered for a week every fall to participate in THF's MS Global. MS Global not only demonstrates the power of individuals but the power of the bike to help unite communities.

MS Global is a physical challenge mirroring the struggles of individuals with MS, with the ups and downs. Some days an individual with MS wakes up to no struggles and others, they are faced with symptoms that make climbing out of bed like climbing up the Alpe d'Huez.

MS Global is a philanthropic challenge because cyclists are asked to raise more than they thought possible. But by reaching out to the community, cyclists will increase the awareness of the disease and the need to find a cure.

The MS Global routes are characterized by beauty, history, culture and diversity. You will climb some of the climbs of the Great Tours and cruise along beautiful roads where the world's top cyclists race and train. You will face and conquer challenges, and take more photographs than your digital camera has room to hold. Each year the route is designed in collaboration with Tyler Hamilton. But the route is only part of the journey. As important as the roads you will travel are the people you meet along the way, sharing a journey of a lifetime.

MS Global is both about the individual and the team. We believe we can make a difference. We believe you can make a difference. Join the MS Global team

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